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eliminating stretch marks

SKIN’s Stretch Mark Treatment Program

Stretch marks are a common term used to describe a form of lined scarring on the surface of the skin, known as striae. Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis, which occurs when the skin is forced to stretch beyond its limits. While stretch marks are most commonly associated with rapid growth , they may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, muscle building or even steroids. Stretch marks can appear to be red, purple, white or even skin coloured. Despite variations in colour, the stretch mark skin is always thinner than the normal skin surrounding it.

The specific treatments required to optimize your result will be based on your initial skin assessment and will include one, or several of the following:

  • Fractional Resurfacing treatments help to improve both old and new stretch marks. Heat and energy are delivered beneath the surface of the stretch marks, stimulating the body’s natural healing response and maximizing collagen production. New healthy skin cells are produced to repair, plump and mend the textural appearance of stretch marks.
  • IPL Intense Pulsed Light /Radio Frequency Treatment incorporates intense pulse light and radio frequency energies to reduce the redness and discolouration associated with stretch marks.

Patients will notice a fading in the colour of newer stretch marks, an improvement in the texture of stretch marks, and a firming and tightening of the skin as collagen is produced.