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Hair Rescue Treatment Program

We all know how important hair is to our appearance and therefore self esteem. A good hair day can turn up your confidence in nearly any situation. It’s no surprise that thinning, limp hair that is lacking volume, density and a healthy appearance can be problematic for some people.

While it is common knowledge that approximately 40% of men in North America will experience noticeable hair loss by the time they turn 35, did you know that the same percentage of women will also experience signs of thinning hair by the time they are 50? Medications, stress, lifestyle and some health conditions can also contribute to accelerated hair loss.

SKIN MediSpa now offers a revolutionary Hair Rescue Treatment Program to halt and reverse hair loss! This non surgical treatment harnesses the body’s own natural ability to restore vitality to hair follicles and stimulate hair production with only one treatment.

The Hair Rescue Treatment Program can be used to treat thinning hair in both men and women. It can be pursued as a treatment on its own, or in conjunction with prescription medications and home hair care products.


Hair Rescue Treatments provide an infusion of a nutritious and regenerative cocktail for your scalp using microneedling and our proprietary blend of powerful enzymes and nutrients to wake up and revitalize previously dormant and declining hair follicles.

Benefits of Hair Rescue at SKIN MediSpa

  • 1 time treatment
  • Restores lost volume
  • Healthier, stronger hair
  • Can treat both male and female hair loss
  • Visible growth in just 6 months

How is Hair Rescue different from other Hair Loss treatments?

While multiple clinics offer hair loss injections in conjunction with microneedling or LED light based treatments, usually 3-6 treatments are required to produce even minimal results. By comparison, Hair Rescue is a one-time- treatment. Our Medical Director offers over 15 years of experience in hair restoration and worked in collaboration with hair rejuvenation experts from New York over a decade ago to create and adapt our Hair Rescue protocol.

What results can I expect from my Hair Rescue treatment?

Six months following only one Hair Rescue treatment, all of our clients have enjoyed significant hair recovery .These results continue to improve for up to 9 months.

Some individuals may choose to pursue a second Hair Rescue treatment because they would like additional scalp area treated, or want to enjoy even more hair recovery. If a second Hair Rescue Treatment is desired, this can be performed 6-8 months after the first treatment.

Is Hair Rescue Safe?

The best thing about Hair Rescue is that it is a natural and organic treatment for hair loss. Most individuals experience very minimal discomfort as a local anaesthetic is used to numb the scalp prior to injections. Some clients may experience mild swelling and minor itching for a few days following the procedure.

Can Hair Rescue Be Used With Other Hair Restoration Therapies?

SKIN MediSpa’s Hair Rescue Treatment Program can be used in conjunction with a variety of other hair restoration techniques as well as with topical or oral medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia® to increase hair growth or stop further hair loss.

In order to compliment the effects of your Hair Rescue and improve the health of your hair, use of Revivogen hair products is recommended. Revivogen utilizes natural ingredients that are designed to foster an ideal environment for the promotion of thicker, fuller and healthier-looking hair, without systemic side effects. Learn more…