Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques in order to prevent and heal injuries of the muscles and tendons, and often focuses on a specific area of concern. Sports massage is often directed at athletes, but is also an effective therapy for patients with injuries, chronic pain or limited mobility.


  • Reduces tension, stiffness and pain in muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints
  • Helps to prevent injury and promote healing
  • Increases blood circulation and metabolism
  • Allows athletes to return to sport quicker following injury


Rather than a focus on the entire body, Sports Massage typically focuses on direct problem areas related to an individual’s sport. The Swedish massage techniques such as deep tissue stripping and stretching are directed towards four categories of sport and include:

  • Pre event massage which is directed at the body parts involved with the sport.
  • Post event massage which is generally given shortly after the sport in order to help balance the body and restore the muscles and fascia.
  • Restorative massage which is the massage received during training.
  • Rehabilitative massage which is used to restore injuries.

Following Treatment

Patients are often recommended to drink plenty of water following treatment and to apply heat to the treated areas if they are stiff or sore.