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Virtual Aesthetic Consultations (VAC) 

Virtual Aesthetic Consultations allow clients to discuss their aesthetic, skin correction and anti-aging needs and to learn about their various options in addressing these. We are disappointed that the current restrictions will not allow us to meet in person, but understand patient’s desire to plan for upcoming treatments or procedures once distancing restrictions permit. VACs allow us to accommodate those needs without you leaving the comfort of your own home.    

How do VACs take place?

Virtual Consultations take place through your computer or phone. We will send you a Doxy.me link for a mutually agreed upon date and time. Dr. Barr will connect with you through Doxy.me and complete all aspects of our usual consultation, with the exception of the physical examination. By using “screen share” we will ensure you understand all the options available to you to reach your desired aesthetic goals. If you do not want to use your video feed, it is not required. Audio can be completed either through your computer or on the phone. 

Doxy.me has been chosen as the most secure, HIPPA compliant platform to ensure that all patient information is encrypted and protected. 

Prior to the virtual consultation, a client coordinator will contact you to obtain relevant medical information. 

Standardized images will dramatically improve the quality of the consultation process and can be referred to while the consultation is being conducted to increase understanding and education.

Please contact us at (705)673-7546, email us at info@skinmedispa.ca, or use our contact form to arrange your VAC for aesthetic injections. 


The Skin MediSpa Team