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SKIN’s Eyelash Extensions

SKIN MediSpa offers a revolutionary way to achieve beautiful, full lashes that look like they’re your own. By applying each strand of synthetic lash to an individual natural lash, we avoid the look of clumpy, unnatural looking false lashes.

Prior to Appointment

  • Remove contact lenses
  • Do not curl your lashes or wear any mascara. Both your eyelids and lashes must be completely clean and dry during the procedure.

The Application

Prior to beginning the application process, the aesthetician will have a brief consultation with you regarding the look you wish to achieve. The shape of your eyes as well as other facial features will be taken into consideration prior to selecting the appropriate length, thickness, and curvature of the lashes.

The application takes approximately 2 hours to complete depending on the number of lashes required to meet your aesthetic goal. During the application process, you will be reclined comfortably with your eyes closed. Each extension is placed along the natural lash so that the lash is not touching your skin. The adhesive used for this application is both safe and long lasting. Its primary ingredient is the same ingredient found in the bonding agent used to close wounds without the use of sutures.

Post Application

Following the application, you should refrain from activities resulting in the eyelashes getting wet for 48 hours. This is in order for the adhesive to fully cure.

Activities that should be avoided during this time include:

  • Showering
  • Insertion and removal of contact lenses
  • Steam baths and saunas
  • Tanning
  • Applying heavy creams or serums
  • Applying eye cosmetics

Scheduled Refills

Should you wish to maintain the look achieved by your new lashes, a refill can be scheduled every 2-4 weeks. Refills are required due to the eyelash growth cycle. Most individuals lose a few lashes daily, but the loss often goes unnoticed as a result of another eyelash replacing it almost immediately. The extension will remain on your eyelash until the eyelash reaches maturity and falls out. Without scheduled refills, your lash extensions will gradually dissipate over a period of up to 4-6 weeks.

Caring for your Lashes

Avoid using any oil based or waterproof products on or around your eyelash extensions, as these products dissolve the adhesive bond and will shorten the life length of your extensions. Water or gel-based products are a safe alternative. You should always be gentle when removing eye makeup, being careful not to excessive rub or pick at your eyelashes.



Not enough lashes?

Hypotrichosis is a condition that is characterized by an inadequate amount of eyelashes. Causes of eyelash hypotrichosis include heredity, aging, chemotherapy or other medical treatments, and physical trauma. Many individuals find that shortening, thinning, and lightening of their eyelashes occurs as they age, while others have always simply desired a fuller lash line.

The Solution

Latisse® is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment to create longer, thicker and darker lashes!

Treatment Benefits

  • Grow thicker, fuller and longer eyelashes
  • Easy to use
  • Enhance your eyes

About Latisse®

Latisse® is a prescription eyelash product approved by both Health Canada and the FDA to grow fuller, darker and thicker natural eyelashes in as little as 8 weeks of daily use.

Prior to Use

Latisse® has been approved by both FDA and Health Canada which means that it has been thoroughly tested to ensure its safety and efficacy. As Latisse® is a prescription medication, you will require a brief consultation with one of SKIN MediSpa’s experts prior to purchasing Latisse®. Your medical history and an eye health evaluation will be conducted to determine if Latisse™ is right for you.

Instructions for Use

  • Each night, remove makeup, ensure your skin is clean, and contact lenses are removed.
  • Remove a sterile applicator brush from its tray. Hold the brush horizontally and place a SINGLE drop of Latisse®onto the tip.
  • Swipe the applicator carefully across the skin directly above the eyelashes, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner, similar to eyelinerapplication.
  • Blot any excess solution from beyond the eyelid margin.
  • Dispose of the applicator after one use. Repeat the same steps for the other eye using a NEW applicator. Never use the same applicator twice.

The Results

Results can typically be seen after 8 weeks of daily application, with full effects being visible in 12 to 16 weeks. Clinical studies have shown that after 16 weeks, patients using Latisse® experience 25% increase in eyelash length, 18% increase in eyelash darkness and 106% increase in eyelash fullness. Results may vary depending on your adherence to your Latisse® regimen. If you discontinue use of Latisse® your eyelashes will gradually return to their previous length.


Latisse® is usually very well tolerated .Approximately 4% of patients may experience eye irritation, eye dryness, darkening of the skin on the eyelid directly where Latisse® is applied, iris pigmentation, or redness of the eyelids. Hair growth may also occur in other areas of your skin with which Latisse® frequently comes into contact, which is why it is important to blot any excess solution. During your consultation any conditions that may affect your ability to use Latisse® will be discussed.

Xtreme Lashes Before and After

Xtreme Lashes Process

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