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living without migraines

SKIN’s Migraine Treatment Program

Often initially misdiagnosed as a less severe headache disorder, migraines are an acute neurological disorder that can be highly debilitating. Anxiety, stress, sleeping habits and even diet can influence the severity of migraines. Misdiagnosis may be the reason for so many individuals being unaware of their treatment options. Those who have suffered with migraines know how incapacitating they can be. Migraine sufferers can be forced to leave work early, miss out on social events, and are often unable to concentrate or even sleep. SKIN MediSpa’s Migraine Treatment Program is designed to ease the pain of migraines and  enable you to live your life symptom-free!

Neuromodulator Migraine injections

While many are familiar with the cosmetic uses of Neurmodulator injections,  most are unaware of the success it offers as a migraine treatment. The injections, which are administered to the facial and neck muscles, help to prevent migraines by reducing the muscle tension in those areas. The reduction in tension decreases stress on the patient’s nervous system, lessening the severity of the migraine or preventing it entirely.