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having a more defined jawline

SKIN’s Double Chin Reduction Program

With age and weight gain, some people develop a pocket of subcutaneous fat under the chin that creates an appearance of a ‘double chin’. This is a particularly difficult area of the body to address, since weigh loss alone often cannot minimize the fat in this area. If the amount of fat and loose skin in this area is excessive, then surgery may be recommended. However, for many people with only a small amount of fat under the chin, the nonsurgical techniques offered at Skin MediSpa will eliminate or reduce the appearance of a double chin and create a stronger and more beautifully defined jawline.


SKIN’s Double Chin Reduction injections offer a safe, easy and quick way to reduce fat under the chin. We offer two options for non-invasive solutions to clients seeking to reduce submental fat. These are Injection Lipolysis and Belkyra. These clinically proven injections are especially effective at targeting small, localized pockets of fat. Once the area is injected, patients note a gradual reduction in volume of fat in the treated area, as fat cells are permanently dissolved. Patients typically note a dramatic response to this program within one to two treatments and enjoy a permanent reduction in the fat in the treated area.

A SKIN specialist will review previous and current skin care, perform a detailed skin analysis, and discuss general health history before determining candidacy for our Double Chin Reduction Program.