Introducing Ultherapy

Our newest and latest advanced technology in SKIN’s

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Ulthera Treatment (Ultherapy)


Ulthera® is an effective non-invasive, non-surgical, Health Canada approved treatment that lifts, tightens and firms without surgery. Backed by 88 patents and 46 clinical studies, Ultherapy has gained an enviable worldwide reputation among medical aesthetic professionals. It is a popular corrective procedure with visible results appearing within 3 to 4 months following treatment.

About the Treatment

Ulthera® uses focused ultrasound technology to tighten skin tissue. This non-invasive technology provides a natural tightening effect with particularly effective results for the contour of the face, eyebrows, neck and décolleté.

During the treatment, ultrasound is delivered through a tip and concentrated at different subcutaneous depths. Thousands of tiny attachment points are generated in the structure that supports the face in the dermis and hypodermis. Tissue is regenerated and skin gradually becomes more firm and lifted. The upper layer of the skin remains intact and the smoothing effect is gradual and natural. After treatment, patients can expect brief localized redness, mild swelling occasional swelling and temporary sensitivity on the treated area.  No downtime is necessary.

The Ulthera® procedure has been approved around the world and has been recognized several times by New Beauty Magazine as the best non-invasive treatment for skin tightening.

Reaching subcutaneous depths of 1.5 mm, 3 mm or 4.5 mm, Ulthera® can target the same depths that are affected by a surgical facelift. This treatment is ideal for people who want a progressive, visible and natural tightening effect.



No downtime or recovery time

Each treatment is customizable
Each treatment is very safe and comfortable
Long-lasting results and quick procedure time
Results are long-lasting
Results are natural looking
Improved confidence
A more youthful appearance

Treatable Areas

Ultherapy is carried out mostly over the entire face, on eyebrows, neck and chest areas. These areas are most often affected by loss of tone and respond well to ultrasound therapy. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to treat the entire face or just a targeted area of the face; the jawline can be targeted to redefine facial contours, while the eye area can be targeted to lift eyebrows, smooth fine lines and “open-up” the eyes.

Follow-up & maintenace

We recommend that an Ulthera® treatment be repeated every two years. In addition to strengthening the subcutaneous anchor points, scientific studies show considerable thickening of the skin in the areas treated with micro-focused ultrasonic energy, thereby reversing the natural thinning of the epidermis associated with aging.