Medically Supervised Weight Loss

SKIN MediSpa now offers a medically supervised program to support weight loss of 2-3 lbs per week without surgery or injections. Our program is designed to accommodate individual needs, with staff and facilitators that work closely with each individual to create a customized support plan

What does the program involve?

SKIN MediSpa’s medically supervised weight management program is approved by Health Canada and the FDA to support dramatic weight loss. Through three distinct, supervised phases, patients transition from a full meal replacement plan to a well-balanced diet, incorporating Optifast meal replacement when necessary for healthy weight maintenance.

Active Weight Loss Phase

Total Meal Replacement
during months 1-4

You will start by meeting with our specially trained nurses to discuss your goals, health concerns and obstacles. During this phase you will consume a diet of nutritionally complete Optifast as a meal replacement.

Transition Phase

Transition to a healthy and balanced food based diet during months 4–6

Gradually, you will integrate
self-prepared foods while still utilizing Optifast and benefiting from the support
available to you.

Maintenance Phase

Diet and lifestyle support for weight maintenance during months 6 to 24

You will continue to be supported by our team of experts while maintaining your weight loss through established lifestyle and diet changes. This phase may also include partial meal replacements with Optifast.

What is Optifast?

Easy to prepare, Our Optifast Shake Mix Powder Formulas provide 100% of the Daily Value (DV) for 24 vitamins and minerals in 5 servings and are available both in chocolate and vanilla.

Am I a Candidate?

Our medically supervised weight loss program is recommended for individuals with
a BMI >30 kg/m2 or a BMI >28 kg/m2 with weight-related medical conditions.

Complete Nutrition

Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacement

Vitamins & Minerals

Excellent source of 25 vitamins & minerals


Essential source of Protein (16 g)

Gluten Free

Suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivity

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