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Electone is a treatment that uses a new generation of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Conductive pads are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles. These stimulations cause contractions that simulate natural muscle movements. The device allows the speed and strength of the stimulation to be varied every minute and follows a specific program, depending on the pre-set objectives. 

There are 3 types of treatments:

Drain: This is the lightest intensity level and is recommended as a first treatment for people who do not train regularly. It is also excellent for reducing water retention.
Tone: Targeted to people who train occasionally or who have already done a treatment in the Drain mode, this is the second level of intensity and works to tone muscles in the treatment areas.
Sculpt: Reserved for people who train regularly and who already have a certain definition and muscle strength, this is the most intense level of treatment. It can also be chosen by patients who have already completed a treatment under the Tone mode. 

Each session lasts an average of 45 minutes.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the treatment and limit physical activity the day before and the day of the treatment.

During the treatment, you will feel contractions in the targeted muscles in a more or less intense way depending on the program chosen. It is therefore normal to feel sore after a treatment and to experience effects similar to an intensive physical workout.

The results, like a regular workout, will be progressive depending on the frequency and duration of the treatment.

About the Electone treatment program:

Depending on the objectives to be achieved, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is generally recommended, at a rate of two treatments per week. In most cases, results are observed from the 6th treatment onwards and are maintained during the months following the end of the course of treatment. The adoption of healthy lifestyle habits as well as regular maintenance of a few sessions (according to pre-established objectives) are recommended to maintain the results.


  • Improvement in muscle tone, definition of the silhouette and slimming of the silhouette
  • No downtime or recovery time
  • Each treatment is customizable
  • Each treatment is very safe and comfortable
  • Long-lasting results and quick procedure time
  • Results are long-lasting
  • Results are natural looking
  • Improved confidence
  • A more youthful appearance

Areas treatable by Electone

Electone treatment can be used on most muscles in the body such as the abdominals, quadriceps, gluteal muscles, biceps, triceps and pectorals. Depending on the mode chosen, Electone will work to decongest the tissue, tone and shape or give more definition to the targeted muscles. Depending on the goals set, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is usually required, ideally two treatments per week. A session lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes and does not cause sweating.  You can resume regular activities immediately.

Follow-up & maintenance

With a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of Electone treatments will continue in the months following the end of a course of treatment. However, a few sessions on a regular basis are recommended to maintain the results more effectively. Electone can enhance the aesthetic results of CoolSculpting®, Lipodissolve, and Velashape treatments.  Ask one of our consultants for a personalized assessment of your needs.