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Our Acne Attack Medical Facial combines the most effective skin care products with the most advanced medical grade treatments to transform your skin! This multi-step unique facial treatment will dramatically reduce existing inflammation and blemishes and reduce the incidence of new lesions for several days following the treatment.


Step 1

Medical Microdermabrasion

Dead skin cells and debris are exfoliated from the surface of the skin.

Step 2


Uses a gentle vacuum suction with painless light to purge impurities from pores and destroy acne causing bacteria.

Step 3


Manual extractions are performed to remove visible whiteheads and blackheads.

Step 4

Epidermal Peel

A clarifying peel then helps to further clear pores and enhance cell turnover to give the skin a radiant glow.

Did you know?

By combining these incredible technologies into one, acne-fighting appointment

you save $83 each session.

Why stop there?


For a limited time, when you purchase a series of 4 Acne Attack Medical Facials,
you’ll receive 50% off a Deluxe Backcial.*

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