Custom Facials

Proteolytic Enzyme Facials

Pamper your skin with the amazing effects of green papaya! This facial is perfect for sensitive and dry or dehydrated skin. An enzyme resurfacing treatment utilizing papaya extract promotes healthy cell turnover for overall skin health and enhanced appearance. Dead skin cells are gently and safely digested without harming healthy skin cells, leaving your skin visibly resurfaced and glowing!

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

The Vitamin C Brightening Facial incorporates lipid soluble Vitamin C and DMAE Complex to infused your skin with moisture, stimulate collagen production, repair free radical damage, and enhance facial tone. Facial contours appear tighter and more defined while skin tone appears more even. This treatment is great before a big event, as it provides instant visible results. Skin appears smoother, brighter and firmer!

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

The Deep Pore Treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from clogged pores, oily skin, and acne breakouts. Alcohol free toners help to balance, refresh, and restore the skin’s protective pH mantle while removing residue. Gentle exfoliation helps to remove impurities while anti-bacterial botanical extracts such as witch hazel, rosemary, aloe and chamomile help to soften and clarify the skin. The formulations used help to reduce oil while maintaining hydration for optimal skin health. This treatment is recommended for oily skin types.

Reconditioning and Firming Facial

This treatment is ideal for rejuvenating tired, dry and damaged skin. A gentle massage with specially formulated serums soften the skin while a Vitamin C Masque and serums high in antioxidants help to firm and protect the skin from sun damage. The applied serum is lightweight and fast-absorbing, combining ferulic acid with 10% pure vitamin C to enhance antioxidant performance, neutralize free radicals, offer defense against environmental damage, and to help fight the appearance of accelerated aging. Clients pursuing the Reconditioning and Firming Treatment will leave with healthier, firmer and more hydrated skin.

Organic Facials

Cucumber Avocado Refresher

Replenish your skin with tea, cucumbers, grapes, and avocado! This tantalizing facial begins with a creamy cleanser featuring cucumber extract, polyphenol-rich green tea and mint. Skin is hydrated and exfoliated with a combination of green clay, green tea, rice powder and milk. Avocado butter, oil and extracts are used to lock in moisture and a powerhouse Reservatrol serum of gotu kols, unripened fruits, and vegetable compounds provide your skin with nearly 6 times the amount of antioxidants found in leading department store moisturizers. A Three Milk Moisturizer enhanced with peptides is applied to lessen the look of deep wrinkles and Crow Catcher Serum smoothes fine lines around the eyes. This facial helps to fight free radical damage and restore your skin’s vibrancy!

Vanilla and Fig Soothing Facial

Create an instant, radiant glow! A pre-cleanse, with vitamin E-infused towels, opens pores before a soothing Green Tea Milk Wash adds a dose of calm to inflammation. An aronia fruit extract & rose water tonic follows before a burdock root and mango butter facial polish. This buff is filled with milk proteins, amino acids and lactic acid that soothe pores and any breakouts. A renewing chocolate and fig vitamin serum is applied for instant replenishment as you are pampered. Next, a skin brightening serum goes to work, while a comforting three milk moisturizer adds hydration. Finish with an under-eye serum to erase the look of fine lines.

Canna Me Away CBD Infused Facial

Begin by breathing in complete relaxation with CBD infused aromatherapy oil. Your skin is then gently cleansed with a Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. Next, skin glistens with a Vitamin Berry Tonic application before a smoothing natural buffing powder blend exfoliates with calming burdock root, mango butter, skin-enhancing rice powder and whole milk. CBD infused Body Butter is cocooned around hands and feet for additional replenishment as you continue to be pampered. Your skin drinks in an avocado butter mask infused with fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients and skin-feeding super antioxidants- green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. While your skin heals, a gently neck and décolleté massage is performed using CBD infused massage oil. Add a splash of healing to this treatment with an antioxidant-recovery serum using resveratrol from Texas winery grapes. More soothing and firming takes places with a Three Milk Moisturizer peptide application, and a treat for the eyes as Crow Catcher, a powerful line-smoothing eye transformation serum, begins to loosen the squint and bring on a refreshed appearance.

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