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SKIN’s Microblading

Can you imagine waking up with perfectly shaped brows each morning, without the need for pencils or gels? Microblading at SKIN MediSpa can do just that! Our microblading procedure uses tiny blades to deposit organic pigment directly into the skin, for a look that doesn’t wash off!


• Custom designed, long lasting brows
• Beautiful brows shaped to suit your eyes and facial features
• Organic pigments, matched to suit your skin tone and hair colour
• Natural looking, feather stroked brows

Pre Treatment

Please refrain from using blood thinning medications or consuming alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment.


Each SKIN MediSpa microblading procedure creates a custom brow for our clients. Upon arrival to your appointment, your facial shape and dimensions are expertly assessed. Once an ideal brow shape has been determined, a penciled sketch of the brow is drawn directly onto your skin. From this point any desired alterations to the shape of the brow can be discussed. Following approval of the shape, suggestions on the colour of the brow will be made. The objective is to choose a colour that suits not only your skin tone and hair colour, but also takes into account your own personal taste. The brow area is then topically numbed in order to ensure comfort during the procedure. SKIN MediSpa’s microblading method is based on feather strokes which simulate the look of fine hairs.

Post Treatment

A topical ointment will be applied directly following your treatment. Post treatment home care instructions will be provided. Following these instructions will optimize your aesthetic outcome and prolong the duration of the effect. Microbladed brows will look darker for at least 48 hours following treatment, so we suggest that our clients not schedule an event the same day as their brow treatment.

Approximately 6 – 8 weeks following your initial treatment, a touch up appointment will be scheduled. During this appointment, you have the opportunity to request any changes or refinements to the shape or colour of your brows. This first follow up appointment is imperative to completing your expertly designed brows and is covered in the initial cost of your treatment.

Additional reinforcement of the brow pigment is required every 1-2 years dependent on the level of colour you wish to maintain.

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