Floating Massage

Floating Massage

Floating Massage enables patients to lie back on a bed of warm, water-filled cushions that support the natural position of the spine while heat promotes blissful relaxation.


  • Reduces tension, stiffness and pain in muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints
  • Pain management and relief
  • Can be used to treat most areas of the body
  • Safe and effective option for elderly or pregnant patients as well as patients with injuries or impaired mobility


As you are cradled by these water-filled cushions, your spine is properly aligned and the warm water allows your muscles to relax. Your registered massage therapist is able to reach deeply stressed areas without turning you over. The warm weightlessness of the water eliminates joint discomfort and allows for deep muscle relaxation. A floating massage is  especially effective for pregnancy and for anyone with difficulty turning over.

Following Treatment

Patients are often recommended to drink plenty of water following their floating massage treatment and to apply heat to the treated areas if they are stiff or sore.